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These pages are designed to accompany the publication of the album:
Music from the Robert ap Huw Manuscript Volume I.
The pages are still under construction. For the moment, they contain a brief introduction to the manuscript and a comprehensive section on the interpretation of the tablature written by Paul Whittaker, who has been researching the tablature of the Robert ap Huw manuscript since 1970, and is currently writing a book covering all aspects of its interpretation. Added to this is an article by Peter Greenhill entitled
The forgotten, silver-voiced harp of Wales

Peter Greenhill's dissertations

The Robert ap Huw MS – An Exploration of its Possible Solutions

can now be accessed here


These dissertations describe the work which has led to Peter Greenhill's realisations of the music recorded on the album
Music from the Robert ap Huw Manuscript Volume I

Dutch musicologist Ben Dijkhuis has a vast website dedicated to Celtic musical traditions


including pages relating specifically to the medieval Cerdd Dant tradition


More pages and links will be added in the near future.




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